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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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right now, 6:00, new flare-ups in san francisco's china basin. a 360-unit apartment building under construction, now gutted, streets shut down, and dozens of firefighters keeping watch as several walls remain on the brishg of collapse. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. right now, firefighters still pouring water on the burned out building. the dmcommute in china basin ca be at a standstill in some spots. some people being allowed back into their homes. >> a map of the area, the burned down development in the west side of 4th street near 4th and king caltrain station, ucsf and at&t park. >> team coverage on this developing story. bob redell live with look at evacuation orders lifted overnight but chase cain joins us live in china basin.
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firefighters pouring water on the apartment right now. >> reporter: you sure can, scott. it's not exactly as easy as that. winds have been so strong here in san francisco. it's whipping trees around. wind gusts 40 miles an hour and that has tropical storm force winds. look what it's doing to the water. one ladder truck to the right, you see the mist, it's spraying out. that should be a concentrated stream of water. scattered and blown by the wind. wind's also fanning the flames. yesterday, fire at its peak, part of the building collapsing. san francisco firefighters allowed that to happen because it's simplified their work. the building under construction, $220 million apartment building only had sprinkler system partially installed. firefighters would have loved for that system to be operational but it was not. one firefighter yesterday one of
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the more than 150 out here had minor burns and had to go to the hospital but nothing serious. along with the wind, that's not the only challenge that firefighters have faced. >> we have to rig a mud pile in the back of the billing and a rig in the sidewalk where our regular fuel truck would not reach. we had to use the five gallon cans to refuel all of the companies. >> reporter: that was a firefighter describing the process of refueling fire trucks in place. they were running out of gas can couldn't do their job. that process may have to be repeated. firefighters expect to be dumping water on this building for the better part of the day today. still at a long way from the fire being under control. you can hear wind gusts, i'm
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sure. that is not helping matters here. san francisco fire says that the building, the fire, rather, not officially under control or contained. not ready to use language because there are hot spots inside the building. as long as winds keep up, that's likely to be the case. expecting official update from the chief in an hour. we'll keep you updated on the latest here from the scene. >> we haven't heard winds like that in a while out there, chase. it's tough for them. >> reporter: absolutely. tropical storm force winds, christina loren will validate that for me. feels like i'm back in florida with gust that knock you off your feet. you can imagine what that's doing to guys trying to fight the fire. >> thank good than wasn't the case yesterday. take a look at this new vid video. strata at mission bay to the left of the flare-up, sparked around 5:00 this morning, you can see how this fire was still
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burning. earlier people who live in the neighborhood allowed to return home. >> bob redell live. those apartments didn't catch fire but residents faced a mess when they came back this morning. >> reporter: the news not good for some of the people who live here in the strata apartment complex. they've seen smoke damage, in some cases water damage in their places, and even broken windows. evacuation order lifted around 1:00. this is the lobby where they've been allowed to reown enter. this broken glass, how desperate the situation was for firefighters that they had to break in to get upstairs to quell whatever might have been possibly burning upzars. a sense of why this apartment complex was affected by the fire, there's the building burned and heres this building. it's a small block across. they had radiant heat.
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imagine this building, still putting out hot spots, imagine the heat from this coming over to here like a large oven. if you look up, one man we spoke to earlier said some of the windows on the top floor of the apartment complex burst because of the radiant heat. not only open windows, sprinklers going off and water from the fire department going in there. those residents, units, the most deeply affected. this man we spoke to, returning home, he lives on the backside of the building. on the opposite side of where all of the heat was and his unit still had damage, specifically smoke. >> it's okay. i'm facing the east side. there's a lot of smoke. got a 7-month-old baby so it's always concerning. yeah, it's been a hell of a day. >> what are you going to do from here? >> stay at my sister-in-law's
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place in oakland. the smoke is -- i wouldn't bring my kid back here until the smoke clears out. >> reporter: back out here live. looking at the building that burned across from the strata apartment complex. there's the second that collapsed. behind me, an area, that spot there, flaming up for the past hour, hour a half. what's remarkable, no matter how much water they've been dumping on it, they cannot put out that specific hot spot, the problem, gusts of wind. this right here is at mission rock and 4th. mission rock, going right into that flame area, acting like a wind tunnel. you've got that blowtorch effect you're seeing now. wind disperses the water which makes it harder to put out. give credit to the fire department that they were able to keep the fire contained.
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also give credit for good luck they didn't have windy conditions yesterday when the fire was full blown. live in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> looks like they're concentrating on that spot, as you mentioned. but you haven't seen embers, they're controlling it? with the winds, that could be horrible. >> reporter: fortunately, these hot spots from my point of view are limited. this is the only one i've seen on this entire facade of the building. and as you can see, wind is blowing into the building. so those embers look like they're going to stay inside and they're also -- they're small. not like the big chunks we saw yesterday that drifted on top of the roof of the cardiovascular center. smaller embers. you've got a lot of water on it. i'm not saying they're not going to cause a problem. i'm not seeing that as of yet. >> extraordinary to look at. almost like a magic trick, water hitting the fire and nothing happening. winds are phenomenal.
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>> a look at the city where the fire's burning. streets in that immediate area are still shut down this morning. >> let's take a look at this. you can see thing that here. you can see the camera as well. camera is shaking. the american flag as well, absolutely stiff in the breeze because of the wind in the air. meteorologist christina loren, talking about wind maybe dying down later this morning? >> yeah. we'll have to wait a few more hours before we get below advisory criteria. wind gusts to the tune of 45 miles per hour. you can see just how windy it is via the camera in san francisco. you might wake up with us in san jose and it's calm, and then you get on the roadways and struck by a strong wind gust. we have conditions like that this morning. take it easy, especially high profile vehicle. debris on the roads as well. a big-time warm-up because of
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the wind. what happens is you get the dry downsloping northerly wind, basically no ocean influence, and as a result we don't have any of that cool ocean breeze coming in. none of the natural ac. as a result, temperatures climb to record levels. talk about what we are expect from the wind throughout the day. futurecast. this is searching for the strongest wind at 10:00 a.m. you can see here where you get yellows, closer to the oranges, 20 to 30-mile-per-hour wind speeds. the strongest winds at the immediate coast and through higher elevations. we continue futurecast. stop the clock, getting into 4:00 p.m., cooler colors. that's when winds will drop off. good news because as we heard from bob redell, they're out there fighting the fire all day long. 76 degrees along the peninsula. south bay 76. 76 east bay. san francisco at 71. we'll keep on climbing. more about that, who's going to see the first records fall here
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in the bay area in my next report. let's check your drive. could be difficult because of the fire. >> could be difficult because of the winds and the fire's difficult because of the winds. everything tied together. bay bridge, camera shaking. wind advisory issued by chp as well as national weather service for the entire bay area. bay bridge approach into san francisco, still moves smoothly on our maps. not a big problem as you get into san francisco off of the bay bridge or highway 101. 280 extension is a concern. as the sun comes up, visibility changes. across the water from king street, the fire continues to be fought. flames kicking up. bob redell at mission rock, close ford two blocks off the crossover from the water and the king street area, closed for two blocks muni buss and light rail that were stopped overnight reinstated for the morning.
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yellow highlight, you look at the top of the screen, anywhere north of san mateo half moon bay, peninsula, oakland, bay bridge, area road weather index, wind a big factor for the drive. rest of the bay, typical build. south bay 101 north of 680. tri-valley 580 slowing. orange zone, speeds 50 miles per hour. a live look at fremont shows you the easy drive still going on for 880 past the truck scales. easy to move around. a big wind approaching the camera, south bay north 101, san jose, starting to kick in, bill for 101. talked about 680 to 880. still ahead on "today in the bay," the missing malaysian plane. which countries are just now joining the search effort. and why google is telling people not to use google maps to try to
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find wreckage. helicopter has arrived over the scene of the mission bay fire. two ladder trucks there look like blue lines spraying water on to the building. continuing coverage throughout the morning.
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back to our developing story, live pictures from san francisco, of the massive fire at an apartment building under construction. sparking up once again. firefighters still at scene at china basin. fast facts about the massive fire. crews looking out for hot spots, worried winds may flare flames again. hope to have it fully contained
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today. update on their progress in 45 minutes. >> some people in the nearby apartment complex back the home. told to evacuate the area once the fire broke out, leaving behind personal items and pets. >> crews battled the flames, 4th street is closed from channel to china basin streets. that's about two city blocks. muni and caltrain running normal this morning. 6:15, india and japan joined in the sent for the missing malaysian plane. the search area has widened to include the sea. navy ships patrol in the area and conduct exercises. heading from malaysia to beijing with 239 people when it disappeared saturday. more than 100 hours later, u.s. fi officials say the mission to find the plane is getting more difficult as time passes.
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>> time is not on our side. as every hour goes by, the search area gets bigger and bigger. from a typical standpoint a person can survive in the water for at least 72 hours, due to sheer will power. >> authorities say the plane may have turned back from its last known position, possibly making it as far as 250 miles from its last known coordinates. >> the search for the missing area liner is affecting google. the mountain view tech company issued a statement after several armchair detectives called the newspaper to say they found the jet. they used google maps to look at the area searchers are flying over. some images show an airplane. that's because the satellite is photographing airplanes in flight. they're not real-time images. these were taken weeks or months ago. for continuing coverage, head to and search missing plane. >> 6:15. the cia says it did not hack
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into a computer network set up for investigators with the senate. diane feinstein publicly made accusations saying the cia amperes investigators looking into allegations of cia torture during the bush era war on terror. she thinks the framework of the constitution has been undermined. the jut department is investigating. san francisco state university says the science lab closed down for dangerous materials will reopen next month. the building closed for a routine inspection late last year and that's when crews found dangerous levels of asbestos, merck mercury, lead, arsenic. classes will replamain at altere locations through the end of the semester. san jose's lawsuit is moving from san jose to los angeles. lawyers for san jose decided to move that case after major league baseball promised to object to the case being heard
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so close to san jose. san jose wants to overturn the antitrust exemption. the city and the team had a deal to buy land downtown but major league baseball says south bay is considered giants territory. talking about fire and wind. talk about something happier like snow. >> snow and st. patrick's day weekend, people like to head up to tahoe. let me get this off the table, next chance for snow in tahoe next wednesday, very slim. we have a good chance for heavy snowfall as we head towards the end of the month, 22 to 25 of march. brian hager. i know it's going to be dry for the next ten days up there, at least mostly dry. can you tell me, how are you dealing with snowfall you have? are you still making snow, and what are the conditions like for st. patrick's day weekend? >> you know we are. conditions are great. freezing at night. it's warming up during the day,
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mid-40s, makes for great skiing and riding. we have a street party st. patrick's day at 1st street in the village, live music, maybe lenny the leprechaun. >> i'm familiar with john, have yet to meet lenny. make i'll get up there, shake his hand. looking for treasure, you will get it up there. we need powder. we're ten day away from the kick-off of spring. we're getting into warmer months now. it's 19 degrees up there now. snow is sticking around. 44 today. as we get into tomorrow, 50. yeah, squaw, amazing conditions. great resort. san francisco right now, you can see, the wind is really making an impact on your morning drive. debris on the highway. temperatures are going to warm up rapidly because of the wind. and basically as we head through the next couple of hours wind will be strongest.
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it's going to drop off through the second half of the day. i told you, wind is going to strengthen. jumped from 29 miles per hour sustained in san francisco to 33 miles per hour. we're going to deal with this for the next couple of ors and hopefully by 10:00 a.m. we'll see more normal pattern here in the bay area. breezy conditions below advisory strength. 53 along the peninsula. 56 to kick off the day in the east bay. temperatures climb into the mid to upper 70s. then we warp you up. next, let's see how the wind is impacting the drive. >> making our map odd color. here the san francisco peninsula over on the east bay, coming into oakland area, highlighting going on, that's where our road weather index, tied in with christina's system, traffic and weather together, you're likely to get gusty wins blowing from side to side, campers, vans, be careful. 280 and 101 as you approach the area, china basin area with the
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fire, closure for 4th, just two blocks an cross from 280 and king street, roadways moving smoothly. warning about the distraction. lards extended, crews dumping water. flames visible. that will be a distraction as the sun comes up. muni, light rail, buses back in service. smooth drive across the bay bridge. backup at toll plaza. on the approach starting to bill because the metering lights are turned on. wind advisory for the drive as well. east shore freeway, smooth speed on travel speeds. green zone for most rides including 580 out of the maze and 24 off the caldecott tunnel. bay's looking good. nothing unexpected. we have your bill southbound 880. peninsula, north of san mateo and half moon bay, that's where you get gusty winds.
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watch it coming across the san mateo bridge. wind farms, a smooth drive for 580, livermore. bill south through sunol. san jose as well, speeds showing a little bill northbound 101 north of 680 and a live look shows us the same thing, smooth drive starting to bill here off of 68 and and 280. palo alto as well, peninsula smooth. traffic bills, north of willow, gathering and things smooth up. watch for 55 through the area. 280 moves smoothly. avalanche slams into a chairlift and it's all caught on camera. >> uh-oh. >> we'll tell you how the person in the video is doing. live back to the mission bay fire as we have still seen not just hot spots but actual big flames, even 12 hours later.
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developing story, massive fire at an apartment building under construction in san francisco's china basin. a look at the ground as firefighters spray water on hot spots. to the air, our helicopter, you see the same look. continuing to be hot spots, if you live in the strata apartments, you are okay to go home. commute's going to be okay as
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well. we'll check in with mike in a minute. >> uh-oh. >> from hot spots to massive cold spots, a camera rolling as an avalanche hit mt. rainier. avalanche triggered by the ski patrol, trying to create a controlled avalanche but misjudged the size of the blast and took out trees and a chairlift at the resort. no one was hurt. but that area's now closed. officials say if you see smoke billowing above six flags discovery kingdom, don't panic, it's a drill. the s.w.a.t. teams head to the park for an intense training exercise. you may see smoke coming from the park or even hear gunshots. it's all a drill. nature of the exercise has not been released. officials want to keep the scenarios real as possible so they're not going to talk about it ahead of time. 6:26. milestone meeting at the white house. new details about the meeting
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between president obama and the prime minister of ukraine. continuing coverage of the massive fire still burning under construction. the apartment building under construction in san francisco. >> chopper shots overhead now. sun starting to come up over the area. take a look how it could affect your commute.
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developing news, massive fire in san francisco, hundreds of apartment units destroyed. hundreds of firefighters on the scene. new flare-ups overnight. ukraine's prime minister about to spend the day at the white house. we have a preview of what he'll discuss with president obama. >> fierce wind in the bay area for your drive. wind gusts now strong. tropical storm force wind gusts along the golden gate bridge. travel cautiously. >> winds affecting the
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firefight. wind and fire possibly affecting your drive into the city. >> see what the marks are like. live to new york city. we hear the opening bell. wgl holdings doing on honors there. acl worldwide at the nasdaq for wednesday, march 12th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> apartment complex under construction burned to the ground as dozens of firefighters stay on scene in san francisco's china basin, pouring hot -- water on hot spots, watching out for walls that could come down at any moment. >> burning for more than 12 hours, though the flames and smoke are less intense. with progress, evacuees are back inside their homes. with additional details, let's go to chase cain, live from
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where you can see crews are dousing the huge building with water. >> reporter: they are. i apologize for having to do the cheesy reporter hold your finger in your ear because it's so loud with the wind whipping through. tropical storm force winds gusting around san francisco, you can feel it. look what it's doing to firefighters' efforts. instead of having a concentrated stream of water, they're geting a mist. they have seven different hoses, three ladder trucked on this building trying to get the hot spots and flames out. last night they hoped this would have been out but winds have made their job incredibly difficult because they've got to make sure every single thing is out inside the building before they get inside, figuring out what caused the fire. that will be likely many days or weeks to come. we are hoping to hear from
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firefighters with an update in the next 30 minutes. bringing you that live update streaming on watch it streaming there. that will be when we learn the latest information for firefighters. we'll be back in 15 minutes. >> thank you very much. >> we will have continuing coverage of the fire all morning long. live team coverage at 6:45. get updated information latest information will be there on the front of the home page. >> 6:32. the first high level meeting between president obama and ukraine's new prime minister, "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live in washington, d.c. today's milestone meeting at the white house blocks away from where you are. >> exactly. this is going to be the first time that president obama sits down with the prime minister since all of this started. this is the man he'll be meeting with, the prime minister of
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ukraine, now representing the new government that russia won't recognize, that the u.s. says should be in charge. they're talking about what to do, trying to get russia to back out of crimea, where russia has so many troops right now. the g-7 this morning put out a statement saying elections happening in crimea this weekend, they will not recognize the outcome of that if this region decides to break off and go with russia. russia's sent in troops taking over not only military bases but the airport as well. the airport, the only flights allowed out are to moscow. russia says it's not their military there but there will be a lot of influencing. >> thank you. new poll out finding 72% of americans see russia as an adversary rather than ally. more than 6 in 10 americans view
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putin in a negative light. that's more than in 1995 when the cold war started. at that time 56% of americans saw russia as an ally, 35 saw it as an adversary. >> breaking news, colorado, this is 40 miles north of denver. a high-speed chase, you see the car, apparently early reports say the car was stolen out of a gas station but in the backseat is a 4-year-old boy. so again, stolen car being chased by police and helicopters. this happening just north of denver, colorado. we do understand there's a child in the backseat. >> interesting. the driver driving around haphazardly, something we're keeping an eye on for you. 6:34. time to check the forecast. beautiful look at downtown san jose, illuminated as the sun's
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arrival almost upon us. >> good morning. this wind is something you want to allow extra time for. debris on the highways, the wind's picked up over the last couple of hours. now it is at its strongest. even overnight, 32 miles an hour sustained san francisco. winds drop off for the second half of dat y. what the dry wind does, 60s to start. you can see from futurecast we are going to lose the wind latter in the day. notice on your key, warmer colors, that's the strongest wind. that cool color comes back in as we head throughout the second half of the day, that's a ten--mile-per-hour-sustained speed. 4:00, good conditions, hopefully things will be calm in san francisco. as we continue, continuously keep in mind that wind has been
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pumping all night long. we have a lot of debris. you have to navigate around some of that on your way to work. pull out your spring wardrobe. temperatures climb into upper 70s today. we'll get warmer as we head throughout the end of the week. people like to head to delores na san francisco. they're shutting down half of the park for renovations that half of the basketball courts and tennis courts. that's closed after today. if you want to get out and enjoy one more nostalgic day, wednesday 73, comfortable. a lot of people enjoying delores park. let's get you to work. mike inouye. >> talking about wind blowing things around, stevens canyon road san jose a patio table reported on the road, trees down, surface streets. freeways moving smoothly. bay bridge, backup at the toll plaza, metering lights turned on at 6:00. not so bad.
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fas-trak lanes moving nicely. really good for the toll plaza. look at map. across the span, wind advisory issued. this weird coloring on the san francisco and oakland sides because our traffic maps are tied with the weather system. that odd color of yellow that will register as the wind a major factor. talk about that with regards to fighting the fire at china basin area across the water from 280 and king street. the view of the crews, ladders and water, that is viz frisible 280. light rail and bus line restored. so far, a word of caution, a look at oakland drive as well for 880 past the coliseum. we'll end with this shot. south bay moving smoothly. tri-valley, typical pattern. "today in the bay" follow-up. apple changing its decision after a soldier's iphone ripped
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apart by a bomb in afghanistan. why apple says it will replace the phone and let him keep that as well. live pictures from longmont, colorado, a stolen car with a 4-year-old in the back.
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>> breaking news from longmont, colorado, take a look at the van, going in the wrong
6:41 am
direction on hour highway. started after a car was stolen at a longmont gas station with a 4-year-old inside. a red dodge originally. we saw someone jump out of the car, now jump into the van. going the wrong way on a freeway. so many close calls. >> 4-year-old not in this car. >> no. >> in the original car. this is just the bad guy in this van now. >> goodness. we don't know why they're running or if the a man or woman because it was interesting to see somebody get out of the car. they do have surveillance photos from the gas station in longmont where the car was first stolen. the 4-year-old, in the red car. but now this chase is going on. the chopper following it through. got off the highway, now through city streets. longmont is 40 miles north of
6:42 am
denver. we'll stay on this picture for a little bit. frightening to see it on the highway. >> friends at kusa had shown a picture of this man in the gas station. he leaves the gas station, understanding is he jumped into somebody else's car, perhaps not realizing there's a 4-year-old boy in the back. a chase ensues. a different car, because four minutes ago, that man or woman, we're not sure which, jumped out of the original car, this is the original car here, jumped out of this car with the 4-year-old, we think, and then jumped into this gold van. >> we'll keep our eyes on live picture as we take a quick break.
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we begin with breaking news. live look near longmont, colorado, police arer. suing a car after issuing an amber alert. a 4-year-old kidnapped afrt car he was in was stolen from the gas station. the car is in the center of the screen, it's a gold colored van. the original driver of the redford escort, stolen here, take a look at this, jumps out of the car and now jumps into the awaiting van. he will take off. it looks like he's pulling perhaps the driver out. people are running. it's a carjacking. >> we believe the 4-year-old boy is in the red suv and is safe. but police continue as we return you to live pictures. police continue to chase the original bad guy. he stole the red car with the 4-year-old boy inside, we believe, switched cars and back live is being chased down the
6:46 am
highway. happening in longmont, colorado. it's 40 miles north of denver. police continue to chase. for a while he was on the wrong side of the freeway but fortunately has gotten over to the correction side of the freeway, as police continue to chase him there. >> they are close to him. driving very, very fast, haphazardly as well. ed good news the child that was in the red car, we don't know the child's condition, we're assuming he's okay, but the guy's taken off. they had surveillance pictures that matched the jacket as we saw him jump out of the red car into this van that he's car jacked. this is going on in -- near longmont, colorado. >> we'll continue to watch this and let you know how this develops. police back off a little bit. but still, incredibly high-speed chase. it's 6:46. closer to home, sky high flames,
6:47 am
smoke for miles, 6 stories, 360 units now gutted. 150 firefighters and 90 trucks keeping watch, all night long as several walls are still on the brink of collapse. >> firefighters pouring water on burned out building, streets in the neighborhood shut down, some people just being allowed back into their homes. a live look at the map. the area, burned down development sits on the west side of 4th street near 4th and king. caltrain station. let's check in with bob redell nd see what he can give us as far as the latest goes. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you. what these residents are finding when they return back home, talking about those forced to evacuate from the strata apartment complex not very good.
6:48 am
the front side of the building because of the heat from the fire, the front side was treated like an oven. some of the windows broke as a result. the sprinklers were activated and maybe the fire department had to spray water to protect the building. you have water damage, broken windows on the front part. to the back, if you look at the back, it's quite a distance. but you can imagine all of that smoke and heat from the fire pushed a lot of smoke in there. that's in what he foundound whe they came in early. started letting people in around 1:00. he found smoke in there. it's not a place he can return to, not now. >> it's okay. i'm facing the east side. but there's a lot of smoke. got a 7-month-old baby, it's always concerning. but, yeah, it's been a hell of a day. >> reporter: what are you going to do from here? >> stay at my sister-in-law's place in oakland. >> reporter: it's that bad? >> the smoke is -- i wouldn't
6:49 am
bring my kid back here until the smoke clears out. >> reporter: you can see why the strata apartment complex was affected by the radiant heat. there's not much distance between it and this large structure that burned yesterday. you can see,see, here we are sel hours later, fire department still has to put water out on to the building because of hot spots. if you can see that one section right there, you can see the glow, embers. they've been pouring water on that same spot since we've been out here. so it's been a good solid two hours. whatever's in there will not go out. part of the problem, i don't know if you can see it from the camera point of view at home on the tube, there's a lot of wend here. very gusty. we're on mission rock, mission rock leads directly into here at 4th. the buildings are acting like a wind tunnel,tunnel.
6:50 am
this area is isolated. it does not appear from lie point of view, something that's going to flare up and cause a big conflagration but it's a concern for fires especially when you saw what happened yesterday. the fire was enormous. they want to make sure it's 100% out before they can say it's 100% out. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it almost looks like molten steel. can you feel the heat from there or is it just wind? >> reporter: just wind at this point. isolated hot spots. if you were to scan the facade of the building, which extends for a good city block, that's the only area i can see red. as the sun comes up we might be able to see smoke, get a better sense of what's going on inside. that's the only area we've seen
6:51 am
flare up and from covering fires, when they flare up, the fire department, it's not their first rodeo, lots of water on it. look i said, i see no reason why that or any of the other hot spots flare up, anything bigger than ha they are now, considering that there is a large perimeter that the fire department has put around this structure and the resources that they are committing to this in terms of the firehoses. >> bob redell in mission bay. >> take a look at the difference between yesterday and today. on your left, a live look of what remains of the apartment building. on your right, that is chopper video shot last night as the crews tried to get a handle on the flames. >> "today in the bay's" chase cain live near the building with more details from his angle. >> reporter: good morning. you saw there, bob's live shot, there are flames inside that building. what we can give you a better
6:52 am
vantage point of how the wind is scattering the water. if you go to the left truck, toward the top of the building, you can see from the light that's along with stream of water how much the wind is blowing it away from where they would like it to be, that is on the flames, of course. let's take a look back at yesterday. right after the fire broke out, you can see part of the apartment building did collapse. san francisco fire let that happen to bring that part of the building down and make their job easier. of course the rest of the building is in danger of collapsing because of the significant damage that's been done. this is still under construct as you can see. the sprinkler systems weren't working, that made the firefighter's job difficult. people here yesterday commented on how hot it was. >> patio door was open, i can feel it coming from there. i went out to shut the door and it was very hot. >> we set up water curtains
6:53 am
because the intensity of the flame and heat was so much, we had windows popping from across the street. >> reporter: now video of firefighters having to refuel their trucks this morning because some of the trucks were stuck in place and running so long they didn't have any more fuel. they've been having to bring that in to the trucks and that's something that will continue throughout the day because the fire department saying they expect to be blasting this with water for many more hours to come. and as we pointed out, it's not under control. it not contained. but in about 20 minutes we're hoping to get an official update from the chief and tell us what the status of things is here and maybe how much longer it's going to be. but winds are not dying down. it does not seem promising this is wrapped up anytime soon. >> no one injured. no one injured so far. here's look at part of the city where the fire is burning, as we mentioned earlier, streets in the immediate area still shut down this morning.
6:54 am
>> take a look at san francisco. this is a different section. the flag on the top of the building, the issue, the win is just phenomenal. meteorologist christina loren, you're saying it going to be a factor all early morning. >> pretty much. even later when the winds calm down, pretty breezy to the tune of 10, 15 miles per hour. we have sustained speeds in san francisco at 33 miles per hour gusting to 45 miles per hour. that's your current gust. we have seen gusts overnight upwards of 60 miles per hour. travel cautiously. yes, tropical storm force wind gusts coming into the bay area. 26-mile-per-hour-sustained speed in oakland now, 22 livermore. 33 in san francisco. we are going to see winds drop off as we head throughout the day today. that's the good news. going to continuously drop. for us, what the wind is doing is bringing about a warm start to the day. temperatures close to 60 degrees
6:55 am
across the bay area. you can go straight to short sleeves if you don't mind 59 in san francisco. 59 north bay. 58 along the peninsula. 55 south bay where our camera's holding steady. this is where the wind is the calmest right now. as we head throughout the day, wind will play a factor but drop off wind gusts from 45 to 50 miles per hour to 25, 35 miles an hour today. as we continue on, wind will drop off. overnight it's going to pick up again. offshore flow in the bay area. look what offshore flow means for temperatures. next five days, up to 88 degrees by sunday. 78 degrees on sunday in san francisco. it's a big weekend. st. patrick's day. it doesn't come in until monday but people celebrating this weekend. if you're headed to dublin for the festival, it's going to be warm put 9:00 a.m. saturday morning they'll hold that f
6:56 am
fabulous parade. sunday, 87. get your shades and sunscreen. the wind is whipping, mike. >> it is. there we go. camera shaking again. in the irish city of oakland. northbound past the coliseum, traffic building. camera shake severe over the last half hour. let's get to roadways. entire stretch of this, starting to build for the commute, northbound past the coliseum, down up to. east shore freeway new york drama. span has a wind advisory as well as benicia bridge. here in san francisco, talking about high winds that continue to fight that fire. china basin area. there's a waterway here. separates 280 and king street from the scene where crews are. you can see it from the roadway. as the sun comes up that will be a distraction. slowing for drivers not anything
6:57 am
other than normal. muni and buses reinstated. the city look different. highlighting bar traffic and weather together, higher winds on the peninsula side north of san mateo. oakland, as you approach the oakland hills and towards the bay bridge as well. keep in mine. bigger trucks, vans blown around side to side. smooth drive for the san mateo, dumbarton bridges. typical build for 101, 87. same thing for the tri-valley. all coming into the orange and yellow zone. orange speeds below 50, yellow below 60. we're in the 55 area for 680 through sunol and pleasanton. approach off the san mateo bridge, gusty conditions. that's what we see foster city, peninsula. 101, northbound palo alto smooth drive. no incidents for 101. smooth drive into the city. 280, watching the extension toward the china basin area, so
6:58 am
far things look smooth. things no the smooth in longmont, colorado. covering breaking news where police are pursuing a car after issuing an amber alert. it's that gold van in the center. originally a 4-year-old boy was kidnapped after the car he was in was stolen from a gas station. then we actually have video of where the driver that stole that car jumps out and now, look, he allegedly car jacks this woman that is in the van. you will see her jump out of the other side. this is on a busy freeway. he goes across the middle divide there to take off in the opposite direction. chase has been going on for some time now. going against traffic. you see so many close calls there. he's had numerous failed spike strips that they've put down that authorities have put down on the roadways but managed to go through those and at high
6:59 am
rates of speed. the boy, the 4-year-old, in the orange red car that was stolen from the gas station this morning we don't know if other occupants in the gold van. >> happening in longmont, colorado. this is about 40 miles north of denver. we have video of when the police tried to throw down spike strips. live picture now. here's the video. throwing it down. they missed. several got innocent civilians' cars but attempting to do their best to get the spike strips in the gold minivan as we continue to look at live pictures. police have backed off, to some degree, as they are at least on the correct side of the highway. >> this is happening on i-75 up in longmont, colorado. the chase has been going on for quite some time. trying to find out the condition of the boy originally in the first car stolen.
7:00 am
something we'll keep tabs on as we wrap up. "today in the bay." we'll be back live 7:25. >> news at 11:00 as well. good morning. mounting confusion, frustration and anger over conflicting reports over the direction malasia 370 was heading moments before it disappeared from radar, as hundreds of thousands of people go online around the world to help the 5-day-old search. spy games, new questions this morning over whether the cia spied on congress. as a federal investigation is launched, will president obama stand by the agency's top man, john brennan? "today" exclusive, jerry sandusky's wife, dottie, speaks out for the first time about her husband's ic


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